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Bedding Pro
Bedding Pro | Round Bale Processor | Round Bale Shredder | Round Bale Spreader | 3 Point Hitch
Bedding Pro
Claude McCardle

The Berry Patch


Claude McCardle of P.E.I. purchased his Double R bale processor a few years ago after contracting out his straw spreading to the operator of a large-scale bale processor. “Contracting didn’t work out very well,” recalled McCardle, who grows about eight acres of strawberries plus raspberries and low-bush blueberries at his farm, called the Berry Patch.

He went on a hunt for a straw spreader that could be powered by his 50-horsepower tractor, and he discovered the Double R model. “That’s the big advantage. I didn’t have a very big tractor and with those bale busters, you require at least a 90 horsepower tractor.”

McCardle’s farm is located just outside of Charlottetown near Mount Stewart; he described his bale processor’s coverage as “perfect. It basically unrolls the bale as it was originally shredded. And you can control both the speed of the bale as it rolls out and your forward speed.”

He also is very pleased with the ease of operation of the bale processor. “I can do it myself; no other labor is required.” This is a stark contrast to the amount of labor McCardle used to require when he operated a small square bale processor. “You had to follow the machine. There were two guys sitting there looking at you all the time.”

Guy Choipiere

Dairy Farmer


My name is Guy Choipiere and I operate a dairy farm in Highgate, Vermont. Last year we built a super structure which is basically a huge 7,200 square foot loafing barn for my animals. The animals lay on a hard packed surface. The conditions are ideal for cow comfort and exercise. When I built the structure I had no doubt that it would be worth the investment but bedding the barn was definitely an issue. Because of the high volume we did not want to deal with small square bales. Round bales made the most sense.

I knew I did not want anything high speed that could possibly damage the canvas top of the barn. I am allergic to dust and mold, so it could not make dust. I wanted something that hooked on to the three point hitch forbetter maneuverability and something that was not hard to run so that fuel consumption was not an issue. I actually did not think there was such a machine.

I tried a vertical mixture that did not accomplish one thing I was trying for. Luckily my father spotted the bedding pro in a newspaper. Normally my dad and I do not notice the same thing but this time both our gut instincts were agreeing. So I called Paul Fox from Double R Manufacturing in PEI Canada who was very interacting and informative. I gathered a lot of information and then discussed it with my dad. We both felt it was exactly what we were looking for and thought it would do the job.

We now own a Bedding Pro; we have shredded about 300 round bales of canary grass with very little trouble. Paul was very accurate with his description and performance of the Bedding Pro. It has addressed every issue we had plus more. I was not expecting to be as efficient with my bedding. Other farms with similar size barns are using ten round bales a day.  We are using three with optimal bedding conditions. It takes rotten or frozen bales and makes fluff out of them. It can shred a bale in minutes if desired, it’s also very quiet.

I am really glad my dad spotted the Bedding Pro; we would highly recommend it to anyone.

Jeff M. Edwards

University of Wyoming Educator, Crop Systems

Being a new berry producer in Western Nebraska, I was in need of a straw spreading process that didn’t require hand labor, worked well with a <50 HP tractor, and was cost effective. I was hesitant to purchase the Double R Bale processor primarily because of the distance, potential for need of customer support, and the initial cost. However, Paul Fox and staff at Double R Manufacturing have been nothing but supportive. The unit was unfortunately damaged in shipping and after repairs and coaching from Paul the unit exceeded my expectations. If you are looking for a simple, labor saving product for spreading straw on berries this is it.
John Havencourt of Antigonish

Nova Scotia, & Eddie Rendel of Cape Breton


John Havencourt of Antigonish county, Nova Scotia, and Eddie Rendel of Cape Breton both agree that the BEDDINGPRO takes less time and also uses less straw to cover their strawberries for the winter. They both bought their machine in the summer of 2005. Rendel, who has 30 acres of strawberries, says with labor so hard to find these days, “The BEDDINGPRO does a great job.”

Rendel was using a straw chopper with square bales, and says it took four people to get the berries covered. “I can use round bales now and it takes two people half the time with the BEDDINGPRO,” he says and adds, “I use a lot less straw because it is spread more even.”

Havencourt, who covered his small acreage the old fashioned way — with pitchforks — is now finding the use of the BEDDINGPRO means a lot less labor. “I use to have to use five or six people spreading the straw, but now it just takes two (people) and we can get it done in two days,” he says.

Ralph Stirling

Stirling Fruit Farm


Ralph Stirling, production manager of Stirling Fruit Farm, had an opportunity to use the Double R machine on his family’s Wolfville, N.S., area operation last year, mulching straw onto the farm’s eight acres of strawberries. “Of all the ones (bale processors) I’ve tried, this one worked the best,” he said. “Most chop too fine or don’t have even coverage. Sure, it takes a little practice but this one worked great.”

Stirling hopes to purchase a Bedding Pro in the near future. For now, the farm spreads all of its mulch manually, hand rolling round bales down the rows and spreading with hay forks.